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I am SO GLAD you stopped by to check out my blog!!! Here I will be posting my current projects for you to see. PLEASE feel free to leave me a comment. I would LOVE to hear what you think about what I'm working on. I have been a scrapbooker/paper crafter since I first caught wind of this wonderful hobby in 2006. I am lucky enough to get to spend my days doing something I love so much and which brings so much joy into my life. I first started scrapbooking as a way to pass the time as I found myself at home alone all day suddenly, now I can't imagine life without it. Too bad I don't get paid for it, then I really would have it all!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Masculine Birthday card for Adult or older child

This is a Masculine Birthday card I made for one of the gentlemen in the church while I was still making their cards.  It's a pretty simple card and I find that is what most men like.  Clean and simple.  I think that's the reason us card makers struggle so with masculine cards, its because the majority of us are female and love to load our cards down w flowers and bling and lace and fussy cutting ,,,, the list goes on and on.  When you find yourself in the situation of having to make a masculine card just try to pump your brakes and take it down a notch or two.   You don't have to put all that stuff on a card for them to love it.  Or for them to even be impressed by it.  If you know the person well enough to know what kinds of things they are interested in even better, use that knowledge to give you a subject for the card.  Or a theme as it were.  Just a jumping off point..  I made this card for a very young hearted man who has worked hard all his life to make a living for himself and his family.  He raised two wonderful children and has been blessed with Grand children who in just a few short years may decide to bless him once again lol.  Point is that he's always been a pulp wooder and for those of you up north who don't know what that is its sometimes called logging.  It's cutting down trees and logging them out of the woods on transfer trucks.  I know you have all seen one or two of those trucks on the road with a load of wood on back.  Well this fellow owned one of those businesses.  So in this case I couldn't really take my own advice about using something they have interest in as a theme for your card so I fell back on some subjects I've come to think of as "Old faithfuls" .  They are subjects that are, for the lack of a better word, generic,  Here I used a basic patterned paper with muted designs and I did use a fancy rectangle die cut for the brown pattered paper and then I took two printables here that I got off of Pinterest and printed them  up on white card stock, roughened up the edges a bit.  The tag has a map printed onto it and the blue one of a plane is done like a blueprint drawing.  I don't know that Pinky Ward, who I made this card for, likes planes in particular  but hey, what boy doesn't right? and All people can identify with a map.  I just try and keep it simple when it comes to the Masculine cards.  I do have a man or two that I make cards for and they really seem to like the collage type stuff and I always try and remember and do that for them.  In other words, It helps to know your audience. lol 

I hope you have enjoyed today's card and like I've stated, I'm trying so hard to catch all these up from this year so you may be seeing alot of me for a while,  Till next time I wish you all much love and Hugs, Amy K,